Flåm railway is Norways most beautiful railway line. It starts in the village Flåm and climbs up to Myrdal in the mountians.

Norways most beautiful train trip

Flåm Railway is a 20 km long railway line that runs from Flam to Myrdal through Flåm Valley. It is Europe's second steepest adhesion railway (common rail) with full 5.5% rise. The railroad has such great rise that added railways spiral inside the mountain.

From the window you can see down the steep cliff into the Flåm Valley. The trip takes about 55 minutes and the train's top speed is 40 kph (25 mph).


In 1908 it was decided by the government that it will be built railway from the Bergen Line to Flåm, but construction did not start before 1923. During construction, many of the inhabitants in Flåm employed as carriers and railway builders. Because of a lack of housing up the valley, it was built barracks for the workers. Three of the barracks was built at Myrdal. Myrdal was also the residence of several of the officials. This formed the basis for a small community on Myrdal. The road to Myrdal is no longer driveable, so that the settlement can not be visited by car. The buildings are still there and it is possible to sleep over here.

The line

  • Flåm (2m)
  • Lunden
  • Håreina
  • Berekvam
  • Blomheller
  • Kjosfossen
  • Reinunga
  • Vatnahalsen
  • Myrdal (866m)


After running a while, the train stops at Kjosfossen. There is a waterfall with a height of 200 meters and is one of the railways main attractions. When the train stops in the summer season, Huldra (the wood nymph) are dancing in the waterfall. Huldra is a beautiful and young female troll from legends who kidnaps men through dance. From a distance, she looks very attractive with blond hair in a ponytail, but if you gets close, she can sometimes have lynx ears. In Kjosfossen there is a small power plant that used to operate Flåmsbanen.

Flåm railway museum

Alongside Flåm station, you will find the Flåm railway museum. This is a museum that tells about the railway history of the Flåm railway. The museum is free for those who have a ticket with Flåm railway.

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