Trollstigen or Trollstigveien is a part of road 63 and starts outside Åndalsnes in Rauma municipality. This road is probably a bit more exciting than what you are used to.

Road 63 runs from Åndalsnes to Strynefjell via Geiranger. This is a road with breathtaking views where you also get a wonderful sight of the Geiranger Fjord.
This road is closed during the winter.


Already at the 1700 century, it is said that the road was passable in summer. That time as a trail. You can still see the remains by the river. The road was first completed in about 1900 for horse and carriage. In 1916 adopted the Parliament that the road would become part of the national road network. First in 1936 stood road finished so it is today with the characteristic curves.
In 2005, the lower part of the road rebuilt because of frequent landslides from the mountains.


Innermost in the valley, the river Istra are forming Stigfossen. The waterfall is 180 meters high and at high flow will waterfall splash across the bridge that goes over it.


On top of Trollstigen you will find a vantage point with restaurant and gift shop. The vantage point has two protrusions, one over Stigfossen and one outside a 200 meter high mountain edge.

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