Trolltunga is a formation in the mountains, where a cliff stands horizontally out of the valley.

A spectacular rock formation

Trolltunga is a stone that hangs out of the mountainside about 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet or about 1,100 meters above sea level. The view from the troll tongue is totally wild. The feeling that you get when you are going out on the tongue, is an experience you will never forget! To get here, you must be physically fit and ready to go for a long walk in the mountains. Due to large amounts of snow, it is only navigable to Trolltunga in summer (June to September).

The walk

The walk starts down in Skjeggedal. Here there are parking where the trail starts. The walk is 11 km long and takes about 4 hours one way. The first part of the walk, rises about 450 meters over 1.5 km. Because the trail is extremely steep, one should not exert themselves here because they have far to go when you reach Mågelitopp (about 750m above sea level). From Mågelitopp to Gryteskar it is pretty flat, but after that the trail ascends to 1,180 meters above sea level on the back of Grytenuten. Up here there is no longer mobile coverage. The path ahead has only minor hills and inclines.

Along the way you come to Tyssehøl, where you can see two dry rivers (Tysso River). Until 1967 these rivers formated Tyssestrengene which was Norways highest waterfall of 312 meters. The rivers are now used for power production inside the mountian. But when the snow melts, the rivers are filled with meltwater and falls reappears. It is advisable to go to the edge here, so you can see down in the walley from the cliffs thats stands out of the mountian.

After a while you wil go next to Tyssehylen, which is a dammed lake. Here it is a nice sandy beach where you can have a swim. Immediately after this, you are promoting on Trolltunga. When you get to Trolltunga, use extreme caution. It is quite possible to go out on the rock, but a fall from here would be fatal!

If you go further south for about 30 minutes, you can see Preikestolen. This area has many wonderful viewpoints.


Until 2012, you could go with a funicular up the steepest hill to Mågelitopp. The line was closed due to EU requirements and is about to be dismantled. The funicular was 960 meters long, 430 meters rose and spent 12 minutes. By comparison, it takes about 1.5 hours to go up.

How to get here?

Easiest way here is to drive. Parking where the trail starts costs 120 NOK (which goes to local purposes). Alternatively, use taxi from Odda which have a fixed price of 50 NOK per person.

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