Låtefoss is the most famous of the many waterfalls in the Odda Valley, and not least one of Norways most famous waterfalls.

The finest waterfall in Odda valley

Odda valley is the home to many waterfalls, but Låtefossen is with its 165 meters Odda valleys finest waterfall that flows under the 6-arched bridge. What makes it special is that it runs two rivers from Låte-water forming two waterfalls that go together in the middle of the waterfall. The waterfall is part of the river Austdølo, which is part of the the protected Opo watercourse. Directly translated into English, Låtefossen means noisy waterfall.

One of our oldest tourist attractions

Allerede på 1800-tallet, ble særlig Tyske og Britiske turister fraktet med båt til Hardangerfjorden. Vidre ble de fraktet med hest og vogn langs Sandvinvatnet og vidre inn i Odda-dalen for å se fossen. Den dag i dag er fossen en av våre mest besøkte natur-attraksjoner. Already in the 1800s, was particularly German and British tourists transported by boat in to the Hardanger Fjord. From the fjord in Odda, they were transported by horse-drawn carriage along Sandvinvatnet and Forward into Odda valley to see the waterfall. Today is Låtefossen one of our most visited natural attractions.

How to get here?

The waterfall is located along highway 13, about 10 km. south of Odda. The easiest way is by car. Bus: 801, 862 or 930 to Skardsmo and have a walk to the waterfall is also possible. (see skyss.nos travelplanner)

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