Fløibanen is a funicular in Bergen. It runs from the city up to a viewpoint on Mt. Fløyen.


The first plans to build a funicular up to mount Fløien was launched in 1895. The municipality gave a building permit in 1896, but the plans were rejected due to insufficient funds.

The idea was relaunched in 1907 and the project where became known all over the world. In 1912 it formed a company named A/S Fløibanen, who would plan, build and operate the line.

The construction work started in 1914 and should take one to one and a half years. Unfortunately, the line was not opened until 1918 due to lack of materials as a result of World War I.

The cars have been replaced three times after the opening (1954, 1987, 2002). In 2002, almost the entire line renovated with new cars, new rails, renewal of stations and new cable and emerges as new today as well.


Fløibanen is the most visited attraction in Bergen. It is just a walk of five minutes from Bryggen and the fish market. The line has a vertical difference of 302 meters, it is 850 meters long and has a slope of 15 to 26 degrees. The whole trip takes between 5 and 8 minutes, depending on it runs directly or not.

The carriages (Little Red Riding Hood and Blue man) have a large glass roof that ensures also the upper passengers can enjoy the view from the carriage. They have a speed of 6 meters per second and hanging at each end of the 40mm thick cable.


  • City center - Vetrlidsalmenningen (18m)
  • Promsgate (59m)
  • Fjellveien (114m)
  • Skansemyren (181m)
  • stop without platform
  • Fløyen (320m)

Departure times

The departure times is evry thirty minutes (XX:00 and XX:30) from 07:30 (08:00 in the weekends) to 2300.
Between 10:00 and 20:30, it also runs an additional express departing occasionally the regular departures. In addition to this, it runs extra departures if there are many people.

What to see

On top of the line, it is built a large viewpoint (Fløytrappene / Fløyen stairs) where you can enjoy views of the city. We recommend that you go here before sunset, so you can see the city in sunlight and when it has been dark (it´s two diffrent views!).

There are many good hiking opportunities from Fløyen Station. You can combine funicular with Ulriksbanen, walking in the mountains, walk at Fjellveien (from Fløyen to the city) or rent a mountain bike.

There is also a souvenir shop that sells ice cream, drinks and of course souvenirs at the viewpoint. Next to the souvenir shop, you find Fløien Folkerestaurant which is a café and a restaurant.

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