Bergen railway is a rail line that runs between Oslo and Bergen. It is considered by many as one of the prettiest railway lines.


The first plans to build a railway between Oslo and Bergen were submitted in 1870, and in 1883 was the first line between Bergen and Voss finished. Any decision on extension did not come until 1894 because of disagreements over where the line should be built. It was eventually decided that the line of mountains was to be implemented.

The construction of the Bergen line highland stretch, was a big challenge because there could be many meters of snow here in the winter. Construction of Dig tunnel Heim (5km long) took 6 years. The line was opened in sections until it opened in 1909 until Oslo.

The line

The train starts in Oslo and run mostly in tunnels until Drammen. From here starts slow path to climb slightly into the forests against Hønefoss and Forward into Hallingdalen. Here begins the mountainous landscape to be seen from the window until Eel. From here begins the train to climb towards Finse which is the most elevated station (1222m.) Up here in the mountains you will see beautiful mountains cabinets over Hardangervidda before the train climbs down the steep slopes towards Voss and Bergen. The journey takes about 7 hours.

  • Oslo S
  • Lysaker
  • Asker
  • Drammen
  • Hokksund
  • Vikersund
  • Hønefoss
  • Flå
  • Nesbyen
  • Gol
  • Ål
  • Geilo
  • Ustaoset
  • Haugastøl
  • Finse (1222m)
  • Hallingskeid
  • Myrdal - Flåm railway
  • Voss
  • Dale
  • Arna
  • Bergen

Attractions along the line

City trip in Oslo or Bergen

In both Oslo and Bergen you will find many museums, restaurants and attractions. Use the page to find something you like.

Skiing in the mountains

If you are visiting Norway in the winter months you can use the train to get to the alpine slopes. You will find fine alpine skiing facility in Voss, Geilo, Ål and Gol.

Flåm railway

From Myrdal you can change trains and travel to Flåm. This railway is Europes steepest adhesion railway and probably one of the most beautiful Norway has to offer. If you are fit, you can go up or down Rallarway through a fantastic landscape.


About halfway between Oslo and Bergen at Finse. From here you can rent a bike and cycle to Flåm along Rallarway. Rallarway is an old construction road which was used for the construction of the Bergen Railway. Today the road a hiking trail. Here you will see a breathtaking mountain and fjord landscape. It is possible to stay the night at Finse.

Tickets an prices

Tickets can be purchased by NSB on the Internet or at ticket machines. Alternatively, the travel is paid on the train, but then you have no guarantee of getting a seat. Regular price is 845 NOK, but you can get cheap tickets for 249 NOK if you are looking in good time (from 2 weeks in advance).

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