Bergen Aquarium has a collection of aquatic animals, fish and penguins. In addition, the park has a tropical section where you can see snakes, crocodiles and other animals.

About the aquarium

The park has over 50 large aquariums where you will find communities of Nordic and tropical salt and fresh water species. Here, you can see more than 300 species living in a naturalistic environment.

The staff recommends that you plan to spend enough time in the park; to get the most out of the experience, to catch up on the program and activities, and because there are many details to study. At all tanks you'll find signs with interesting facts about the species.

The exhibitions are under continuous change. Therefore, a visit to the aquarium will always be different, even if you've been there before.

Some of the aquarium´s several attractions/departments are:

  • The penguin yard. A gated island with gentoo penguins.
  • The vestibule aquarium, where you are allowed to touch the animals and get in really close contact. The aquariums are designed so you can take your hand into the water.
  • Seal and sealion pools.
  • Tropical area
  • Sea tunel
  • Tropical fishes
  • Rotunden, the round room with 9 large saltwater aquariums.


Especially, the sea lion show is a great attraction. On Thursdays there are some extra activities. During the shows, the entertainers will speak both English and Norwegian.

Program 1. sept - 30. apr, 2015/2016:

  • 1100: Feeding in "vestibule aquarium" where you are allowed to touch the animals and take part in the feeding.
  • 1200: Sealion show
  • 1300: Seal feeding
  • 1400: Penguin feeding
  • 1430 (thursdays): Crocodile feeding
  • 1500: Sealion training
  • 1600 (thursdays): Feeding in "Rotunden" (the large round room)
  • 1700 (thursdays): Tropical guiding

How to get here?

Address: Nordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen.
It is just fifteen minutes of walking from the fish market. Bus: Line 11 to Akvariet.

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