Experience the the famous veiw of Lofoten from the 448 metres high mountain outside Reine.

Is it dangerous to hike on Reinebringen?

Due to many rescue operations at Reinebringen, the municipality dont want people to visit this mountain. But it is not forbidden to go there as a result of the freedom to roam, which is important for the Norwegians.

The trail is very steep with a lot loose stones that can roll down the mountainside. The rocks can also be very slippery when it rains and the weather in Lofoten can change totaly in just a few minutes. Therefore you should allways bring warm clothes and good shoes on a hike in the mountains of Lofoten. Do also remember to bring enough to drink. It is not possible to find water on Reinebringen.

If you are comfortable to walk in the mountains you should not have any problems to hike here either, but it is not the plase to bring childrens. And remember: It is never too late to turn back.

During the autumn 2016, the work of a new trail was started. It wil make the availability better for tourists who want to see the nice view at the top of Reinebringen. The work will not be completed before 2018. Until then, you can only get to the top by using the old path.

Bring me a map please!

Trail to Reinebringen map

Here you are. Click the map, to see a larger verson.

How can I find the way... car?

If you are comming from the mainland, you can follow E10 towards Å in Lofoten. E10 is going all the way from Luleå in Sweden to Å furthest out in Lofoten. The fastest way from south is by Ferry from Bodø to Moskenes.

It is possible to park your car at Reinehalsen, in Reine or at Djupfjorden which is located approximately 1 km south of the Ramsviktunellen. public transport?

From Bodø, you should take the Ferry to Moskenes. From Moskenes port, it is about 5 km of walking to the trail. It is also posible to use bus from Moskenes to Reine kryss and walk from there. From Narvik, Svolvær or Leknes, it is posible to take a bus all the way.

Check out route information in Nordland to find a bus.

Hiking up Reinebringen

The path to Reinebringen starts at the old closed road which is going outside Ramsviktunellen (tunnel closest Reine).

Once again: before you start to hike the trail, you need to be sure that you have enough clothes, proper footwear and something to drink. The weather can changing to the contrary in just a few minutes. It has been too many rescues where tourists who are only wearing sandals have been helped down by rescue teams. Do not be the one being rescued by the Red Cross because you stumbled in your slippers.

The lower part of the trail goes through a small forest until you come to a steeper area. From here you will see a wonderful view southwest and it is possible to spot Værøy in the ocean.
Take your time, so you do not get worn out before you reach the top. The trail only gets steeper towards the top.

The last part of the trail is rocky and very steep. Suddenly you are up on the ridge where the mountain plunging down the other side. From here it is necessary to climb up some rocks to get to the top of Reinebringen.

When you reach the ridge, it is also possible to follow a trail toward Hell instead of climbing up to Reinebringen. (The author has not tried to go this way, but you are free to use public rights to explore.)

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