Telemark Canal is the waterway from Skien to Dalen. Travel with one of the canal boats, kayak or visit one of the authentic locks.

About Telemark Canal

The canal was built over a hundred years ago by about 500 men and was completed in 1892. The Norsjø Canal was completed already in 1861. The entire canal is 105 km long, has a vertical drop of 72 meters and goes from Skien to Dalen.

When it was opened, the the canal became important for inland areas. It was used to transport people, goods and timber on a far more effective way than before. Today the canal is used for tourism purposes and are visited by people from all around the world. A trip on the canal can take from 2 to 11 hours.

The locks

The locks works as an elevator for boats. The way it works, is that a boat run into a gate that closes. After the gate is closed, the lock fills with water and the boat rises up to the next gate. The most famous and largest locks are located in Vrangfoss.

  • List over locks
  • Skien - 5m - 1 chamber
  • Løveid - 10,3m - 3 chambers
  • Ulefoss - 10,7m - 3 chambers
  • Eidsfoss - 10m - 2 chambers
  • Vrangfoss - 23m - 5 chambers
  • Lunde - 3m - 1 chamber
  • Kjeldal - 3m - 1 chamber
  • Hogga - 7m - 2 chambers

How to get here?

The boats are running from Skien to Dalen. It is possible to book a trip from many places along the canal. Is possible to go by train to Skien if you not have a car.

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