Vigeland Sculpture park / Frogner Park is Oslos biggest park and is a popular recreation area. The park includes Vigeland Park, frogner bath, sport place and museums. On hot summer days, many people have a picnic, barbecues and train here.


Since the 1300s, the farm belonged to the main island monks.
During the 1500s the Reformation period, the area was seized by the church and sold to Nils Toller in 1659.
In 1747 the farm was again sold to General Hans Jacob Scheel, who was the first person who lived there. It is estimated that Baroque garden was begun by him, but this is uncertain as there have been four changes of ownership before Bernt Anker bought the farm in 1790.
Bernt Anker was at this time Norways richest person and make extensive changes to the buildings. After the changes, they called the farm: Frogner manor.
After His death took nephew Morten Anker farm and sold it to Benjamin Wegner who later make some changes on the farm. In 1896 the farm was bought by Kristiania municipality for 700,000 kr. This equates to about 35 million today. The municipality was considering making graveyard of the area, but were in 1904 opened as a park.
Initially, the plan was that the park should be used for sport. But it was a long time of disagreement by the people.

Vigeland park

In the early 1900s, unfolded an intense grangel about getting design Frogner Park. Gustav Vigeland was victorious, but had competition by Marius Røhne. Construction of Vigeland park lasted for 15 years (1928-1943).
Sculpture park has over 200 sculptures and is located in the middle of the park. Here you can see the Monolith, the angry boy, triangle and many more.
There is also Norways largest rose collection with over 14,000 plants of 150 species.

Frogner bath

Frogner baths were built in 1956 and is an Outdoors swimming facility in frognerparken. Here you will find two 50 meter pool, diving tower (1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters), childrens pool and waterslides. The water stays 26 degrees celcius.


In the park you will find two museums. Oslo City Museum which also include The Frogner manor, features exhibits of the history of Oslo. In Vigeland museum you can see how Gustav Vigeland worked. The museum is located in his home and workshop.


Map of frogner park

1: Entrance - 2: Angry Boy - 3: fountain - 4: Monolith - 5: Wheel of life - 6: Oslo city museum - 7: Vigeland museum - 8: Frogner bath

How to get here

Tram: 12 to Vigelandsparken
Metro/Subway: all lines to Majorstuen

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