On Bygdøy you can travel back to the 1800s and see how Norway was at this time. On the folk museum, the area built up by moving old buildings from across the country.

Old buildings

On site you will find over 150 buildings from far back in time. One of the main attractions is Gol Stave Church is from the 1200s, but restored in 1885. You can also find Hardanger museum, Hallingdal grassed, Setesdal farmstead and Old Town museum.


The museum promotes more than just old buildings. Inside the buildings you will find people as if they are from the time the buildings were built. They convey the history and lives apparently in the old days. You can immerse yourself in contemporary because you can chat with the people. They will obviously talk about his family and its history in from dems buildings, but also much more.

How to get here?

Address: Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo.
Bus: 30 to Folkemuseet
Boat: Bygdøy ferry (Ferry to the museums) to Dronningen.

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