Hunderfossen is a family park, themed with trolls, fairy tales and Ivo Caprino´s stories. The park has a good atmosphere and engages people of all ages.

Fairy tale themed park

The park is based on the Norwegian fairy tales and stories. Centralt in these stories, is large castle with princes and princeses, kings and queens, trolls and rich and poor people. Morality is almost always that the poor overcomes the rich and the stories always end well.

Ivo Caprino was a Norwegian writer, illustrator, animator and director. He was especially known for Flåklypa Grand Prix which is a story about the bicycle repair and inventor Theodor Rimspoke (No. Reodor Felgen) and his aides Sonny Duckworth (No. Soland) and Lambert (No. Ludvig). Flåklypa is a small mountaintop where the characters live and the story unfolds. There will be held a race in the village and the three decide to participate. They where without money and comes into contact with the local sheikh Abdul Ben Bonanza (No. Ben Redic Fy Fazan) which finances their car to promote his fuel. Obviously Theodore Rimspoke has a rival, named Rudolph Gore-Slimey (No. Rudolf Blodstrupmoen) who was sabotaging their work. The rollercoaster Il Tempo Extra Gigante is themed (Il Tempo Gigante), which was the car they made.


Most attractions are designed for children, but many are also enjoyable for adults. The park's number one attraction is possibly Il Tempo Extra Gigante.

The park also offers rafting, climbing park, 4D cinema, Adventure Castle and an Energy Centre where childrens can explore diffrent types of energy.

For the smallest, the park offers a small climbing tower, swimming pool with water slides and a closed trail for motoring.

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