In beautiful sorroundings, you find Hadeland Glassverk which is one of Norway´s oldest businesses that are still operating. The factory is making crystal glasses almost the same way as they did for 250 years ago.

The factory and production of glass

Production of glass requires so much experience, that not even the glassblowers can tell you exactly how they are doing. They pick liquid glass in furnaces which holds extremely high temperature and process the glasses by many steps.
In order to keep a production line, it is necassary to have a good cooperation and know each other.

There have been attempts to outsource the production into low-cost countries, but these projects failed because the staff didn't have the same knowledge. All glasses from Hadeland Glassverk are genuine craftsmanship!

The glass is made of fused quartz sand. The sand require nearly 2,000 Celsius to melt and are added soda or potash to melt on a temperature at about 1400 centigrade. Additionally it is required to add stabilizers to make the glass resistant to water and chemicals.
In order to create colored glass, they are adding metal oxides. Below you can see which oxide that gives the color:

  • Iron oxide - green
  • Copper oxide - turquoise
  • Cobalt oxide - blue
  • Selenium / gold oxide - yellow
  • Brown stone - violet

After the glasses are blown, they are sent through a long oven to ensure gradual cooling. Once the glasses come out of the oven, they wil bee inspected, sanded for sharp edges and optionally applied a pattern.

You can go into the factory for free and freely roam around. If you want to make a glass yourself, it´s possible to bee assisted by a glassblower for a nominal fee. You'll also have the opportunity to sandblast your own (or a finished) glass

Around the factory

Although the factory is the main attraction, it is easy to spend a whole day here. Around the factory there are shops selling handicraft produced at the factory and other quality products.

There are also two museums at Hadeland Glassworks. The glass museum are located in the factory building and the gallery are a museum with varying exhibitions.

In the barn, you can get a larger cold or hot meal that is based upon Norwegian food traditions. At the bakery, it is possible to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe a slice of cake. Last but not least, you find the waffle house where you can enjoy Norwegians favorite dessert: waffles!

List over buildings:

  • Glass shop
  • Factory Outlet
  • Tin foundry
  • Candy shop
  • Hony house
  • Season sale
  • Porcelain hounse
  • Interior House
  • Glass museum
  • Factory
  • Bakery
  • The barn
  • Waffle House

Opening hours are variable. Therefore, check the website for information.

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