About 20 minutes from Oslo, you will find Norway´s largest amusement park. The park has everything from big roller coasters to Children´s pools.


In the park you will find something to do for everyone. In addition to roller coasters, log chutes and nice attractions for children, the park has various shows and restaurants.

ThunderCoaster is one of Europe´s largest roller coasters in wood. The highest drop is 32 meters, with a slope of 57 degrees and has a speed of almost 100 kph.

SpeedMonster i a roller coaster with 6000 hp´s. The wagons reach a speed of 90 kph in just 2 seconds. SpeedMonster is designed as a race car and takes you through the world's first "Norwegian loop". A Norwegian loop starts at the top and plunging sideways down and up again.

In the park you can find a bathing area with pools and slides that holds 25 celsius. Remember to bring your swimsuit if you love to swim.


Ticket prices are cheaper if you buy at least two days beforehand. This must be done via the internet.

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