Tue 22.12.2015
Northern Lights in Eastern Norway

The Northern Lights (also called Aurora Borealis) are a natural phenomenon which is associated with the Arctic and Northern areas of Norway. Sometimes, the Northern Lights can be seen much further south too. Today it appeared over Eastern Norway.

My girlfriend, brother and I had eaten dinner with my family on Jevnaker. When I opened the entrance door, I discovered a faint shadow across the sky. After taking a closer look, I saw that it was the Northern Lights. Suddenly, the shadow exploded into a nice Northern Lights-show, and we were able to capture some pictures of it with our phones.

Northen light over Jevnaker, eastern Norway

When the Northern Lights got weaker, we jumped in the car and headed for Oslo. When we approached Oslo (or more specifically Nittedal), I discovered the same shadow in the sky again. I stopped the car and went out to see. Suddenly, the shaddow exploded into Northern Lights again and it was transformed into a magnificent Aurora-show that danced across the sky. According to my girlfriend and brother, it was funnier to watch me and my response to it (when I screamed out of joy and happiness) than the sky. From now on, I will NEVER, EVER travel without carrying my camera with me.

Northen light over Nittedal, eastern Norway

The Northern Lights occurs as a result of the sun, that emits large amounts of energy in the form of electrically charged particles. This activity of sun winds is constant, and can sometimes be so strong that electronics gets destroyed on Earth. When this happens, it is called a sun storm. The Particles which strikes the Earth´s gravity gets pulled toward the polar regions, where they enter the Earth´s atmosphere. When the Particles hits the gases in the atmosphere, lights are released and the Arora occurs. It is when the sun stormes occurs (or when the sun activity is strong) that you will see the strongest lights. A great tip is to check out the Auroral Forecast app (Android, iOS) from the University Centre in Svalbard.

Depending on how high in the sky, and which gases are reached by the particles, the Northen Lights will occur in different colors:

  • Over 180 km: Nitrogen molecules and oxygen atoms creates a red light
  • 180 - 120 km: Oxygen Atoms creates a strong yellow-green light
  • Ounder 120 km: Nitrogen Molecular Ions creates a mauve light


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Mon 28.09.2015
Super lunar eclipse in Eidskog

Autumn is on its way to Norway. I have been waiting a long time to go out now and finally it was some time left. At the night, Earth wil block the moon´s sunlight and it will occur a super lunar eclipse (when the moon´s orbit is closest to Earth and it occurs a lunar eclipse).

Super lunar eclipse at Mangen, Eidskog

After driving around a bit, I found me a lovely place by Havsjøen in Eidskog to put up my tent. Once the tent was in place and darkness had surrounded me, it struck me that I have heard of wolves in this area. I became stressed and had to pull out my cell phone to find some facts, and yes. I was in the middle of an area that was observed wolves. I packed my bag and went back to the car, where I read more about wolves. I read that I really had nothing to fear. But it is better to be wise after the event than dead.

Super lunar eclipse at Mangen, Eidskog

Because the moon had taken a different path than I thought, I drove further into the forest. I found a nice place to stop and let to sleep in the trunk with rear seats folded. Alarm clock woke me up at 2 AM and the moon was not where I wanted it to be again. I drived a little more and stopped at Mogen in Eidskog, Hedmark. Here I waited in anticipation for the eclipse.

Super lunar eclipse

The waiting time paid off. A grand show where the moon went into a crescent-like state. As the moon became smaller, the entire moon to become red. The total eclipse lasted for about two hours. I used the time to experiment with my camera and took some great pictures. Unfortunately my zoom lens is cheap and blurred, so I was not able to take a realy sharp picture of the moon.

Sunrise at Havsjøen, Eidskog.

In the middle of the woods, ounder the lunar eclipse, the stars and shooting stars over me, I got an inner sense of how small I was. It was a bit scary but exciting. When the eclipse went crescent again, I went to sleep again. I woke up at 9 by myself and driving back to my abandoned campground where I spent a few hours to eat breakfast and take pictures. It was an awesome morning with crystal clear autumn colors.

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Sun 09.08.2015
Reindeer, sausages and sunset in Sølendalen

At 1 pm, we jumped into to the car and started our journey to Sølendalen. This is a 100 km long trip trough the forest up to the highland. On our way, there was a reindeer following the road.

A reindeer crossing the road

We stopped the car and moved quickly out to capture photos. Like elks and venison deers, reindeers are also moving quickly into the road and are not afraid of cars. As you can see, this was a surprice for more people than me. See more pictures at on Facebook.

Eating sausages in lompe

After about two hours of driving, we arrived at Sølendalen. I tried to catch some fish, but without sucsess. The only thing that got caught, was my fishing lure. In the evening, we fired up a campfire to roast sausages and make the norwegian speciality: Sausages in "lompe".

Sunset in Sølendalen

Finally the sun goes down and the amazing landscape was illuminated by the red sun. I took the opportunity to experiment with my next HDR image (above).

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Sat 08.08.2015
Hiking to Trysilfjellet

This weekend, we are visiting two cabins in Trysil and Sølendalen. Today we are in Trysil which is a mountain village with many cabins (I mean... gigantic vacation recidents with grass on the roof). It is especialy common to stay here during the winter for skiing. Norways largest alpint center is located here with 31 lifts and 65 trails. Trysil is located east in Hedmark, just a few kilometers from the Swedish border. This area also has one of Norways largest population of elks.

Liv and Kirsten are hiking.

During the summer in Trysil, there are a lot of hiking oppertunities here. Today we hiked in two hour and visited the top of Trysilfjellet which is 1132 meters above sea level.

Daniel on the top of Trysilfjellet.

On the top of the mountain it is an old ruin of a hut. Earlier, this hut was used to detect fires in the valleys. In the beginning of world war two, the hut was attacked from an aircraft with machine guns. After this, the hut had a lot of holes in the walls and was never restored. At the end of the 1970s, the hut was demolished, and today you can just see the fundations.

Panorama from Trysilfjellet.

The picture above precents a panorama veiw from the mountain with Trysil centrum on the left.

Tomorrow we are going further north in Østerdalen to Sølendalen for fishing and rowing.

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Thu 06.08.2015
Picking mushrooms and berries in the forest

Today my girlfriend and I went out into the forest to collect mushrooms. Our tour went to the forest south-east of Oslo.

Liv collects Chanterelles

This year, the forests are full of chanterelles due to cold and wet weather. Normally do they not grow forward before the end of September. After emptying the woods for chanterelles, we traveled a little more to find a new place to empty.

Picking blueberries

The new place was poor for mushrooms, but rich in blueberries. Then we started picking these instead. In the autumn you can also find cranberries everywhere in the woods. We found some that were almost ripe and gathered them.

A collection of mushrooms and berries

When we got home we had gathered about two kilograms of chanterelles, 200 grams of Hydnum repandum, half a kilo of blueberries, about 150 grams of cranberries and some wild strawberries and raspberries.

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Mon 03.08.2015
Visit in Hunderfossen family park

Today I visited Hunderfossen Family Park together with my girlfriends family. The trip from Oslo to Lillehammer takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car, but you can also travel by train.

Norwegian fairy tale exhibition in Hunderfossen.

The first thing that met us was a parking guard that collects a parking fee (50 NOK). After that we must pay entrance (380 NOK) which I thought was expensive. Luckily was mother of my girlfriend and her wallet there. So many thanks to mother in law which is sponsor of the upcoming article about the park.

Hunderfossen Family Park is an amusement park with a fairy tale theme. The park is best for families with children, but has a good atmosphere that also making it nice for adults.

Il tempo ekstra gigante rollercoaster in Hunderfossen.

From entering the park, you forget quickly what it cost to enter (although I got it cheap). Now you are surrounded by princesses and trolls in one of Norways finest valleys, Gudbrandsdalen. The park offers everything from fairytale castle with a freefall and exhibitions of Norwegian fairy tales to a roller coaster for the little tougher kids. But all the talk in the exhibitions is on Norwegian.

Sunset at Gålå in Oppland.

When the park was closing, we decided spontaneously to go to their cabin at Gålå, further north in Gudbrandsdalen. On the road, we had a little pitstop on Ringebu to buy some food and take photos of the stave church. When we arrived the cabin, it was served tomato soup and I got a chance to take my first HDR image. In the future you will probably see multiple HDR images on DiscoveriNgnorway.

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Thu 30.07.2015
Launch of additional features

Since this is my first post in my blog, I want to welcome you to Now I have worked some months with the page and look forward to doing so in future too.

The blog is one of the new features on the page. While developing my website, I will publish posts, videos, pictures and opinions of the journeys and visits.

On the right hand side, Ive created a new area that is designed to find relevant information about other POIs. The menu structure of the page has also been changed to provide you a better user experience. The website has also been enhanced for mobile browsing.

Shortly I will release our first travel video here on the blog. The video is from our motorcycle trip around Hardanger.

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